What you won't find here...
  • Specific dietary advice. I'm not a registered dietitian; I eat in a manner that has worked for me. It may not work for you, remember that.
  • Specific fitness programs. I'm not a personal trainer! I'm not qualified to create exercise plans for anyone but myself.
What you will find here...
  • Kitchen adventures and shenanigans. I like experimenting in the kitchen to find the best tasting recipes.
  • Interesting tips and information that I've found in my scouring of the internet
  • Insight into a maintainer's eating habits. Maybe. If you ask.
  • Occasional ranting and heavy-handed motivational writing. I can't help it. People get on my nerves sometimes.
  • My exercise schedule and fitness goals.
  • My hopes and aspirations and other generic life stuff. 
  • Maybe some computer science-y advice; that's something I'm actually qualified to talk about intelligently.
Now that we've gotten that mess out of the way, let's get into the fun stuff!

Interesting Sarah Facts
  • I hate geese. They're mean and they poop all over the place. Plus, they charge innocent runners for no good reason. Swans are okay though.
  • I don't like walnuts. I think walnuts taste like what I'd envision tree bark to taste like, yuck.
  • I also don't like maple syrup and this makes me a bit of an oddity in New England (or pretty much everywhere). It makes me all phlegmy. This is no longer true; waffles aren't nearly as good without maple syrup.
  • According to Eric, I smell like celery when I sweat. I guess that's a good thing, since celery isn't that terrible a smell. But really, celery? I don't even eat that much.
  • I'm in love with:
    • Eric 
    • Cecilia
    • oats 
    • peanut butter
  • I weighed 198lbs when I was 16. On Christmas Day of 2009, I made my goal weight of 127 and was maintaining until..
    • I got pregnant with our first child, a little girl, Cecilia, who arrived on 3/30/2015.
  • I try not use the scale as my sole measurement of health. Body fat percentage, waist measurements and mental well-being are important too.