Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Midyear Goal Review

A month later than I'd intended but here it is.
  • Health and Fitness Goals
    • Running
      • Run three 5Ks (May/August/November)
I did one on May 1st though I never recapped it, August isn't looking to be that likely, but we'll see. November is still happening though, even if I have to walk it!
    • Weight Loss
      • Get back to my goal weight and stay in my preferred range.
I'm 10-15lbs from my end range, but there's still several months to go before 2016 closes out. I'm not really worried and I'm still committed to it. 
  • Photography
    • Pick a theme each month and take weekly photos in that theme for Photo Friday.
I have been massively failing at this, mostly because I forgot that it was even a goal. I'd say that I'll try to be better about it but honestly, I'll probably forget about it once I put this post up. Oops.
  • Crafts
    • Sewing
      • Make Eric's fleece PJ pants with pockets
      • Sew Cecilia a little fleece jacket with a zipper
I haven't even taken out my sewing machine or serger since before I wrote my original goal post in January but I definitely haven't forgotten about this one. I'm currently devising a craft table organization strategy that involves a trip to IKEA this week which should be fun (or possibly harrowing?) with just myself and the toddler.
    • Knitting
      • Finish three of my Dyed My Way kits from KnitCrate.
I doubt this is going to happen but it could, I guess. I'm not willing to discount the possibility yet. I just finished dyeing my first kit but it took me forever to wind it into a ball, and I'm sure it'll take me twice as long to get the toe-up cast-on right for the pair of socks it's planned for.
  • House
    • Build the raised bed garden that I've wanted for a good two years now.
Done and the garden is doing wonderfully! I just finished harvesting all of the potatoes and I'm extremely pleased with the results. 
    • Declutter, organize and deep clean. (I'm sure Eric is laughing as he reads this since I've been assigned the task of cleaning the bathroom counter for over a month now.)
I think I've made decent progress on this. I've gotten rid of all of Eric's old DVDs, donated several bags of clothes that neither of us wear anymore, organized the pantry closets and assembled a wire shelving unit in the basement to store all of the paper products. I've got a lot more projects in my queue but I do seem to be making steady (but excruciatingly slow) progress.
  • Personal
    • Keep the grocery budget in check. I think we spend too much on groceries and I know that I can do a better job.
I don't have the exact figures in front of me right now but last time I ran them (in June), we were averaging about $30 less a month on our total grocery bill which translated to around $180 of total savings for the year. I'm sure that I could still do better but for now I'm pleased with the results.
    • Read 100 books! I'm doing the Goodreads 2016 challenge.
I'm 19 books behind schedule as of right now, so it's pretty unlikely that I'll catch up. We'll just have to wait and see!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Cecilia: 16 Months

this is how you smile, right mama?

I must remove Lambear's hood, mama!
color, color, color!

  • Coloring
  • Saying buh-bye to everything when she's leaving
  • Goldfish (go-gos)
  • Bubbles
  • Peanut Butter (buh)
  • Having her nails trimmed 
  • Black beans (these get fed to Mama)