Monday, July 4, 2016

Cecilia: 15 Months

Cecilia's personality becomes more and more evident with each passing month. She thrives on routine and will intentionally do things that I forget to do when she's understood an established pattern. Everything must be just so and in it's proper place. Often in the morning when we come down to breakfast, she sees that the tray of her high chair is drying in the bottom rack of the dishwasher and she will immediately go to it, pick it up and bring it to me so that I can put it where it belongs. I'm hopeful that she'll keep this organizational skill as she gets older!

mama, why must we do this?
mama, this is boring. 
smile? mama, I think you meant to say "eat your toes!"
lalala *kicks feet*
  • Her learning tower
  • Bird watching
  • Going outside
  • Oatmeal with tiny chunks of mango and pineapple
  • Cheesy eggs
  • Teensy Fruits
  • Helping put away the dishes
  • Pointing out mmbls (bumblebees)
  • Blowing her nose with a tissue
  • Charlie
  • Her stuffed animals - she regularly picks three of them in the morning when I pick her up from the crib.
  • Pandas in general
  • Books - she's still obsessed with Chu's Day by Neil Gaiman 
  • Playing Hide and Seek with Mama and peeking around corners
  • Having her nails trimmed - this is slowly changing though, I can at least trick her into letting me trim one nail at a time when I show her that they are long and need to be cut!
  • Being told no
  • Having her face wiped