Tuesday, June 7, 2016

No Deer (or Rabbits) Allowed!

Back when we bought our house, I was excited about the prospect of a garden despite the overwhelming amount of work that it was going to take to sort out the mess that was, and currently is, the weeden.
Dear weeden, I hate you.
Maybe at one time, for people who have more time than a working mom, that garden worked pretty well.

It does not work for me at all, and I realized that even before I turned into said working mom. When it also became clear to me that in addition to overwhelming amount of weeds, we also had an overwhelming amount of vermin (rabbits, deer, burrowing rodentia), I decided that it was time to design a garden that would work for me. I started by drafting up the basic idea in a spreadsheet, which helped me get the idea out of my head but didn't really give me that much perspective.  Thus, I got a little crafty:

The original plan had flower boxes on the front, which after a discussion with my parents, got nixed due to ground levelness. You may note that my plan also lacked a door mostly because I had no idea where to start and partly because I figured it could wait until it was actually constructed for a better fit.

Finally, 1.5 years, pregnancy and a baby later, the garden has become a reality. My dad and brother were instrumental in the construction and I can't thank them enough!

Easy access to water and the house
There is a giant rock where the posts for the gate are set, so my parents designed a gate that can be latched in place and lifted out to prevent wear and tear on both the door and the posts. It's made completely of cedar so it's nice and light! 
I bought raised bed corners that came with a soaker hose attachment because I knew that I wanted to use garden mats from gardenmats.com. I have two rows of potatoes and a row of beans in this picture.
Peppers and tomatoes which have grown a ton since I took this picture a week and a half ago.
My mom bought me this squirrel as a gift back when I first came up with the garden plan.
I'm glad it finally has a home.
I moved my strawberry planter in and have two different varieties plus some companion plants (borage).
It's also covered in obnoxious plastic mesh because there are SO MANY BIRDS.

I'm pleased to have seen this garden go from a thought in my head to real life, granted it took many more people than just me to make it happen, but that doesn't make it any less cool to me. It makes gardening a manageable hobby for me; I'm looking forward to eating anything it yields. It's also something I look forward to sharing with Cecilia, who is currently fascinated by everything about it.