Monday, April 4, 2016

Cecilia and Mommy: 12 Months

I can hardly believe it; Cecilia is one year old now! It's so amazing that she's gone from a screeching little baby to an adorable, goofy little toddler all in the span of 52 weeks. There's nothing I currently enjoy more than watching her toddle around the house, exploring, investigating and just generally checking it all out.  A year ago, I was just trying to survive but now I'm enjoying it all and looking for fun activities we can do together.
Oh hi Mama! I got my posse and my balloon with me.

Really Mama? We have to do this again? Didn't you get the shot the first time?
  • Food! She likes so many different things now: eggs, cheese, prunes, strawberries, yogurt. She's gotten really good at chewing.
  • Her Wubbanub pacifiers 
  • Mister Lamby and he still needs a bath, badly.
  • Tiny Panda - she's kind of obsessed with tiny panda.
  • Her favorite bath toy, Mister Beavy the Purple Beaver
  • Pandas in general
  • Books - she's currently obsessed with Chu's Day by Neil Gaiman which shockingly (not) features a panda
  • Playing Hide and Seek with Mama and peeking around corners
  • Playing with Charlie - she still likes to feed him treats and he still treats her like his life will end if he accidentally hurts her
  • Walking all over the house, she's a free range baby! She loves to stand and look out our sliding glass doors and look for birds.
  • Dusting - she's memorized where Grammy stores the Swiffer duster and will walk into her room after Grammy has left for the week, steal it from the drawer and dust things. 
  • Having her nails trimmed - I don't think this is ever going to change, or maybe it will when she understands the concept but then maybe it'll just be a battle of wills. Who knows.
  • Bananas
  • Having her face wiped

Basic Baby Stats
  • Weight: 16lbs 15oz (+5.2 oz)
  • Length: 29.25" (+0.5")
  • Head Circumference:45.3 cm (+1.3 cm)

I'm in such a completely different head space today than I was a year ago and it's pretty astonishing. I don't really have much more to say about me so I think for the second year of these posts, we're going to leave off the Mommy portion!

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