Wednesday, February 3, 2016

DietBet Transformer: Month 4

Initial Weigh-In: 175.8
Beginning of Round 1 Weigh-In: 167.5
End of Round 1 Weigh-In: 162.0 (-5.5)
End of Round 2 Weigh-In: 155.8 (-6.8)
End of Round 3 Weigh-In: 153.0 (-2.8)
End of Round 4 Weigh-In: 148.4 (-4.6)
Total Loss: 27.4

It was much, much easier to make better choices this past month, due mostly to the fact that the holiday season gauntlet has passed. My birthday is coming up next month but I'm making the cake and ice cream so I'll be able to log it fairly accurately. I'm excited for my cake and ice cream since I've got plans. I'm honestly surprised on most days that I still lose weight with as many calories as I've been eating, but I suspect that has far more to do with my macronutrient ratios than anything else. Years and years ago when I saw a nutritionist, she told me that with my conditions I'd lose best if I kept my carbs under 200 and it seems to be working.

The only problem I have right now is that I'm getting a teensy bit tired of breakfast tacos and need to figure out another way to have eggs at work in the morning.

I've sorta-kinda-maybe given up on finishing the C25K app but since I ran ~5K today, I'm not concerned. I've been getting at least three days of running, a day of reformer and a day of Zumba in each week. I also get at least 25 minutes of walking in at lunch every work day. I'm trying not to make any training plans for races this year until I'm back to my goal weight because dividing my focus never works and something always ends up suffering.

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