Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015: Making a Plan

Over the last two weeks, I've taken my meal plan from its initial stages into the last stages of planning.

I printed all of my recipes and assessed them for their ability to be made ahead of time.

I made a spreadsheet with all of the ingredients and totaled them up so that I could make my grocery list.

I recently noticed that Google has a little chart for popular times at Wegmans and that Thursday between 7-9 AM seemed extremely low-key. Since Cecilia is up between 5:30-6 AM every day, that seemed like a good window to hit the store before her morning nap.

Thus the tiny human and I and set out to obtain as much of my list as I could a week in advance.
So many things to look at!

Moooooom! Let me ooout! I want to help with the groceries.

See Mom! I'm helping! I took this lemon out of the bag for you!
Lastly, I made a timeline of tasks required for Thanksgiving dinner to happen.

If you're not comatose from food overload, check back next Thursday evening for photos from the day!

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