Monday, November 16, 2015

Milk Bar Birthday Layer Cake

Eric doesn't really like cake, so I thought it was a bit odd when he requested one specifically for his birthday.

I guess I shouldn't be that surprised since he's been drooling over the all the things on Goldbely for what feels like ages now. On my first pass through the recipe, my gut reaction was "holy ingredients batman!" After I got over that and watched the video I set about obtaining the only four things that we didn't already have on hand (uh, my pantry is well stocked, it seems):

  1. 6" Cake Round (affiliate link)
  2. 3" Acetate Roll (affiliate link) 
  3. Rainbow sprinkles!
  4. Clear Vanilla extract
Over the course of three days, and several very terrible naps on the tiny human's part, the cake came together.

Ultimately, I was surprised at how easy making this cake actually was. I would happily make it again and now that I have an enormous roll of acetate, I might even branch out and attempt to make my own chocolate peanut butter version come February.