Monday, November 30, 2015

Cecilia and Mommy: 8 Months Old

Up until a couple of weeks ago, she wasn't really very interested in food; it would take us well over a week to go through a little pouch. Now we're going through pouches every 2-3 days! She also cracks me up by following me to where I'm sitting with my breakfast and climbing into my lap, then waiting for me to feed her some squishy wild blueberries from my oatmeal. I suspect at some point, she'll even be interested in the actual oatmeal part.
Mom! I love Nutsy!

She is getting stronger and more coordinated every week and I have a sneaking suspicion she will be standing on her own within the next month. She's mastered getting from standing to sitting instead of getting stuck standing and crying at me to help. She only needs one hand to balance herself while standing now and she rarely falls over at this point.
Hi Mom! This is fun!

Alright lady with the weird black thing, fun time is over.
I'm out of here and I'm taking Nutsy with me.

I've been reading Babble's Brilliant Baby series for the last couple of months and this month had a week (34, to be exact) about establishing baby's temperament. I thought it'd be fun to answer the questions for Cecilia so that I can go back and look at this post some day far in the future.

Activity level: Is she very active, not so active, or somewhere in between?
I would say that she is very active, as she is constantly on the go.

Rhythmicity: Is she regular or irregular in regards to basic biological functions?
Teeth and upset stomachs aside, she wakes up at roughly the same time every day no matter what I do (5-5:30AM).

Approach-withdrawal: Does she seem to enjoy new situations or is she slow-to-warm-up?
She is undoubtedly slow-to-warm-up. She would much rather sit and observe a new situation before making any decisions about it. When I took her to Wegmans to shop for Thanksgiving, several people commented that she was "so serious."   She's not a smiley baby in new situations!

Adaptability: How rapidly does the novelty of a new situation or person wear off?
I'm not really sure how to answer this question. I would guess at this point, that the novelty of new situations and people don't wear off very quickly. She spent a lot of time staring at her uncle on Thanksgiving.

Intensity of reaction: When she is hungry, how intense are her wails?
Intense. They've always been intense. She's a lot like her mom (hangry!) when she needs to be fed.

Quality of mood: Does she seem generally negative or positive?
I think she seems generally neutral but leans towards grumpiness more often than pleasantness. It's really very situational and this a really hard question to answer at this age.

Distractibility: How easily does a new activity disrupt one that’s been ongoing?
It is frustratingly easy to distract Cecilia. I've been unable to feed her successfully outside of the house when there are new things to look at and sometimes feeding her inside the house when there are new things to look at is difficult.

Persistence: What’s the extent to which an activity, once undertaken, is maintained?
I'm pretty sure it depends on the activity. If she's trying to get something I don't want her to have, then she is extremely persistent. If I'm folding clothing in the same room as her, and she sees some folded clothing that interests her, I have to stop folding clothes just to focus on keeping her from unfolding all my hard work. I'll usually remove the basket from the room but if I put it too near the baby gate, she'll just crawl over and try to get it through the gate.

Level of sensitivity: How intense does a sensory stimulus (lights, noise, or activity) need to be for your child to respond?
I would say what an adult would consider an intense stimulus (loud noises, bright lights, etc. etc.) causes her to respond in a displeased fashion. I mean, she'll turn her head at new loudish noises in the house but mostly just to see what's going on.

  • Peas on Earth
  • Sipping through a straw - it took about three weeks but she has finally mastered sipping and swallowing!
  • Pears and any mixes with pears in them
  • Pumpkin pie bites at Thanksgiving
  • Sitting with Mommy at breakfast time to get bites of blueberries
  • Following Mommy everywhere she goes
  • Charlie, as usual.
  • Making weird and often creepy noises still
  • Hanging upside down in Mommy's arms
  • Pulling herself up on everything but most especially the dishwasher when it's open
  • Fingerpainting the floor with her spit-up (ughhhh)

  • Naps
  • Turkey
  • Teething - I hate it too.

I thought and thought (and thought) about this and I really have nothing to put here. Life is pretty balanced again, even with the occasional reduction in sleep at night.

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