Friday, October 30, 2015

Cecilia and Mommy: 7 Months Old

This month has been amazing.
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Peace out Mom. I'm outta here.
Genuinely amazing. Cecilia is so much more interactive and she's learning new skills at a rate that I can barely wrap my head around. Two weeks ago, she sat up on her own while I wasn't looking. It was the first time she'd done it and the following day she did it repeatedly and with ease. I could almost see the tiny light bulb go off in her head. That very same week, I unintentionally demonstrated traditional crawling to her when I went to get something across the playroom. This is what happened after:
She's also started touching the texture spots in her That's Not My Panda book and opening the book to her favorite pages when I leave her alone in the playroom. This upcoming month is sure to be filled with many more skills, given how quickly she progressed in just this last month. I'm so excited to see what comes next.
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Hey Mom, did you know there's a big weird blue thing with owls behind me?
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I got it Mom! I got the big blue weird thing!
  • Pears
  • Mangoes
  • Eating mommy's nose (ugh babyyy whyyy)
  • That's Not My Panda
  • Peas on Earth - still
  • Making weird and often creepy noises
  • Crawling 
  • Sitting up on her own
  • Pulling herself up on everything
  • Hanging upside down in Mommy's arms - the world is funny upside down
  • Charlie - still
  • Almost all other foods besides pears - in her quest to do the opposite of my expectations, Cecilia hates most foods. Some days she's semi-interested in them, others she won't even open her mouth. My theory is that she will enjoy them more when she can feed herself. Or at least, I hope so.
  • Naps

Now I'm not saying this is going to happen, but I can finally see why people have more kids. After the initial baby hell, Cecilia is truly a joy. She is a sweet little baby with an adorable personality. It's so rewarding to watch her learn and progress that I can understand how someone might want to do it again.

Not any time soon though.

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