Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cecilia & Mommy: 2 Months Old

Cecilia does not like naps.
Nope, not one bit.
She must have pink noise on to stay asleep for any duration of time, so I walk around (literally, I walk in circles around the house) sounding like someone's old busted radio all day. I've been (desperately) trying to get her to nap in her mamaRoo but ultimately it just sounds like a torture device despite my best efforts. I'm hoping that this is a phase and her daytime sleep will somewhat normalize between 3-4 months. Her night time sleep is usually pretty good. She generally falls right asleep around 8:30-9 P.M. and sleeps anywhere between four to five and a half hours straight right now.
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You wanted me to stay still, mommy? You know that's not my m.o.!
Despite her daytime sleep habits (or you know, complete lack thereof), she is a pretty happy baby before she gets tired. She's so smiley and she loves to play pull-to-sit in our laps. I think she just wants to be able to sit up and see everything that's going on around her. I would too because the ceiling is just not that interesting, unless of course it has a ceiling fan for her to look at. She's totally fascinated by the ceiling fan in our family room.
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At least I'm not crying, mommy! 
Basic Baby Stats:
  • Weight:  10 lbs 7 oz (+1 lb 5 oz)
  • Length: 24" (+1.75")
  • Head Circumference: 40.5 cm (+2.5 cm)


  • Hanging out on her changing table
  • Eating breast milk
  • Napping in the Ergobaby carrier
  • Eating her hands
  • Being very smiley and happy in the morning
  • Staring and cooing at the toys on her play mat while mommy makes oatmeal in the morning
  • Being pulled to a sitting position from mommy or daddy's lap - this is really more of a love, as it's her favorite thing to do during her playtime
  • Being swaddled Houdini style for attempted naps in the mamaRoo


  • Napping anywhere but the Ergo, and even sometimes IN the Ergo - there is a lot of protesting and sleep props required to get her to sleep in the mamaRoo for even a measly half an hour. We have a lot of nap time work ahead of us.
  • Being swaddled hands-to-heart style
  • Bath time - this is getting better slowly

It's becoming a bit of a battle in my head to overlook the mommy pooch and continued puffiness of my face. Yes, the logical part of me knows that I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl only two months ago but that doesn't stop the illogical and negative voices in my head from creeping in sometimes. The logical part of me also knows that I've done this before and that I have a strong enough sense of self-efficacy to know I can do it again.
Still squishy tummy, still tired at
2 months postpartum
I'm down to a measly three weeks of maternity leave left and it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that I'll be back to work that soon. I'll be returning part time at first (3 days/week, 7 hours/day) and my mom will be staying with us for those three days to take care of Cecilia. We're very fortunate that I can be part time and we have family childcare. The last week of my leave will be our transition week where my mom comes to stay but I'm still around to help get everything settled. It also gives me the opportunity to spend time making myself look like a presentable human being that can be an effective part of the workforce. I've already booked myself a day at the spa (laser treatment, eyebrow wax, hair cut and massage) and I'm planning to go shopping for some new clothes because I refuse to wear my maternity clothing, damn it. I'm also considering picking up some extremely basic make-up supplies for my return to work. I'd certainly prefer to look more awake than I actually will be. It's pretty funny how much someone can change in just a little over three years.

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