Thursday, March 26, 2015

Growing Peanut: 40 Weeks - Hello and Goodbye Due Date

I'm trying so hard not to be Captain Crankypants from every day here on out. It's not really working but can you blame me? I thought for sure she'd be early. Or at the very least on time (yesterday). It's also extremely annoying to fend the comments about my still pregnant status from people at work. I have to maintain some level of decorum so I've been polite about it, but I not-so-secretly just want to flip my lid. I'm not sorry about these emotions, so people, count yourself lucky that I value politeness!
Someone tell the baby it's go time already.
Fortunately, I only have today and tomorrow left before I start maternity leave unless the little one decides she wants to arrive tonight. I'm not getting my hopes up for that though since the probability of spontaneous labor today is still only 54%. Thank goodness for SpaceFem's Daily Odds of Labor chart because seeing actual numbers helps keep me sane. I will definitely be taking the survey after Peanut is born to give another data point.

The practice my doctor is at only lets their patients go a week past their due dates so Peanut is guaranteed to be here sometime next week, hence why my leave begins on Monday regardless of her arrival status. That and I like the evenness of starting my 12 weeks on the first day of a work week. In the meantime, I've been listing out the positives of life right now:
  • Eric and I have been commuting to work together for a couple weeks now. Woo for gas savings!
  • By finishing out this week, I'll get my paycheck next Thursday during my first week of leave. Yay money!
  • I won't have to go back to work until June 22nd if I start my leave on March 30th.
That's all I have for now and the next post in this series is definitely her birth announcement. Stay tuned!

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