Monday, March 2, 2015

Growing Peanut: 36 weeks (~9 months)

Okay, yeah, so technically by this weird calendar I'm still 8 months pregnant.

Source: BabyCenter - How Pregnant Am I?
But, I don't like uneven things so I've always considered a month to be four weeks regardless of what that thing says. Plus I've noticed my patience and tolerance level for, you know, pretty much everything has reached an all-time low.

Hybrids parking in the temporary medical parking spaces because their row is full and it's negative two degrees Fahrenheit? Smug jerks, I hope you like your two days worth of work-issued parking tickets. Two women walking side-by-side down a two-person wide hallway who didn't get out of my lane? I hope you liked getting shouldered into your lane because your conversation is not so important that you get to be a jerk. Woman smoking outside the doors in the very obviously marked non-smoking area? You better hope I don't see you again because I have your rude jerk speech prepared.

See. I'm totally Captain Crankypants towards anyone who acts like an entitled jerk. Jerks are clearly everywhere these days. Anyhow, moving on...
36 weeks exactly
I finally had to stop Zumba at ~34 weeks. Peanut dropped on my morning commute one day that week; I got out of the car and walking suddenly became a whole lot harder. I can feel her tiny head squishing my bladder even more than before. I didn't think the time between bathroom trips could shrink anymore, but yep, yep it can. However, the fact that she's dropping means she and my body are preparing for baby eviction day. I don't even have much to report for her progress either because all I know is that her little heart rate is very healthy and she's head down ready to go.

This week is my last week of Reformer and I'm pretty proud of myself making it to 37 weeks before stopping. I'll just have to keep up with my prescriptive exercises at home before the birth to keep a proper alignment. I've also been fantasizing about postpartum exercise plans but I think I'll reserve all of my thoughts on that subject for another post because I have a lot of them.

I've actually been toying with the idea of continuing this series for the first 12 weeks postpartum complete with side shots of Peanut and me. It ultimately depends on how much energy I have and how well we adjust as a family of three. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be able to find the time though. Regardless, I'm hopeful the next post in this series will be her birth announcement and not a 40 weeks update!

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