Monday, February 2, 2015

MistoBox Review: My First Box

Ever since my stint with the Foodzie box (I miss you Foodzie box) and because monthly subscription boxes are a thing now, I've been a regular visitor to My Subscription Addiction. I love the concept of mystery subscription boxes because they encourage me to try new things that I might not otherwise and a little variety is never a bad thing.

Over the past year, I've considered several different boxes: 21 Bundles, POPSUGAR Must HaveYarnbox and finally MistoBox.  Of all those boxes, the two that I spent the most time contemplating were the Yarnbox and the MistoBox. Eventually practicality won out and the Yarnbox got removed from the running. If I'm completely honest, I already have way too much yarn. I didn't exactly want to be caught on my own personal episode of Hoarders, surrounded by giant piles of yarn, wailing about how pretty each skein was and how much it meant to me.

Coffee is much more practical than yarn and thus, it was down to the MistoBox. I already brew my coffee using the my favorite (and the recommended!) Chemex method (affliate links: Chemex and filters), so there wasn't really much of a decision left to make.

My first box arrived the second week of January:

The Coffee
Overall, I enjoyed all of the coffees in my first box but a couple stood out. I've ordered the following list by personal preference.

1. Green Planet Organic Blend by Dillanos Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium
High Notes: chocolate, floral, balanced

Of all the coffees I received in this box, this one is my favorite by far. Smooth and definitely not bitter, so it definitely hits its balanced high note. I don't know about the floral high note, but it definitely had a chocolatey scent to it.

2. Queen Anne Blend by Ladro Coffee Roasters
Roast: Medium
High Notes: chocolate, nutty, rich

This one definitely hit all its high notes, but didn't taste quite as balanced as the Green Planet blend.

3.The Heavy Blend by Barefoot Coffee Roasters
Roast: Dark
High Notes: dark, chocolate, bold

This was definitely chocolatey and bold. I had a hard time deciding if this was my second or third favorite, but the Queen Anne blend just barely bumped it down.

4. Afrique Blend for MistoBox by La Colombe Coffee Roasters
Roast: Medium
High Notes: earthy, baking spices, rich

This one was just okay. I would drink it if it were given to me, but it wouldn't be my first choice. It hit its high notes, and I think that was my problem. I tend not to prefer earthy; it reminds me too much of loamy soil which doesn't conjure up dreams of coffee in my brain.

Was it worth it?
For me, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Between boxes, I'm working through my stash of Britt coffee so that once I finally run out I can order a large bag of one of the ones I've tried via MistoBox. I enjoy the variety and am already looking forward to my February box.