Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pregnancy: Two Things That Make My Life Almost Normal Again

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This post could be alternately titled "Two Things That Make My Life Very Slightly Less Uncomfortable." With extra emphasis on the very slightly less part. I'll admit, my pregnancy hasn't been that uncomfortable. It's really been pretty easy but there are still some days that the little things like not being able to lie on my back, not being able to lie on my stomach and not being able to breathe deeply and through both nostrils while lying down get to me.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips

I've never had allergies, just the occasional head cold but yikes, this pregnancy rhinitis thing doesn't mess around. I don't remember when it started anymore but I can't lie down without my nasal passages filling up with severe-head-cold-levels of mucous. The strips don't even alleviate it completely every night; I still end up with the dreaded one nostril fullness and evidently I still snore, even if I'm on my side. It's better than not having one one though because I can't sleep without it. I prefer the sensitive skin strips; they're easier to remove in the morning and take less of my skin with them. Occasionally, they leave a bit of sticky residue on my nostrils but it's nothing a quick face wash won't cure.

Body Pillow

As much as turning over in bed sucks with my pillow, I'm confident that it was exactly the right purchase for me. This was one of my earliest pregnancy purchases and a lot of research went into it at that time. My biggest considerations for purchasing a pregnancy pillow are and were temperature and wash-ability.

I've always slept hot and have a tendency to thrash the covers off of myself and onto Eric, who I'm quite positive does not appreciate being two levels of blankets warm. I strongly suspected that my tiny heat generator baby would only increase how hot I slept, and so I needed a pillow that wasn't going to insulate me too much.

A pregnancy pillow also had to be completely washable or have a removable slipcover, because I had a sneaking suspicion my already sensitive nose would get even worse during pregnancy. It did; I can smell everything, both good and bad, even more strongly than before.

The Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper (pictured above) has fit my needs quite nicely. There's just enough pillow that I'm not roasting at night and the cover isn't too difficult to get back on the pillow after a wash. My only complaint is that the pillow form has not held up well where it rests between my knees. That's not unexpected though as it's had daily use from my ever-growing body. It can easily be shifted around to accommodate the flat spot as well.