Thursday, January 29, 2015

Growing Peanut: 8 months

I go back and forth with excitement and boredom on an hourly basis at this point. I'm excited (so freaking excited) that she's going to be here in approximately two months. I'm excited about it even knowing that the first few weeks will be taxing and difficult, but I never expected it to be easy-peasy.

I'm bored because I've finally reached the point where I would just like my due date to arrive now (seriously, like now), even though there's still 8 full weeks until her due date. I miss being able to lay on my back without getting light-headed and I miss being able to lay on my stomach to sleep. I miss the feeling of not being massively congested when I try to fall asleep.

In either case, I tell myself it's not long now and I try to focus on something else because the only way to make it through each day is to not think about it that much. Between work and my nursery to-do list, I have more than enough tasks to distract me given my waning energy levels. Getting the Tdap shot at my appointment earlier this week didn't exactly help my energy levels either. It did give me peace of mind though. Now if I accidentally stab myself (again, oops) with a pin while sewing the curtains, I won't be nearly as concerned.
32 weeks and I chopped off a bunch of my hair!
I'm pretty sure Peanut's already head down because I get little baby feet under my rib cage with startling frequency.  I didn't realize how much a tiny little foot can hurt when it's kicking into the back side of your ribs. I usually try to stand up immediately and stretch my arms over my head to get her to shift her little feet out; it works sometimes. She's often of her own mind and refuses to do what I want her to do. She's clearly my child in that regard.

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