Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dining Room Facelift: Part 5 - The Trimmings

It's done, it's done, it's finally done! And it only took about 8 months to complete, which is not the speediest of timelines.
My family came down in June and helped us put up all of the new trim. We're very grateful for all their help because I think it probably would have taken another six months if we'd had to do it all ourselves. As it was, once the trim was installed, it took me a two more months (and a lot of help from Eric!) to get holes filled, sanded and painted. I'm attributing that delay entirely to first trimester exhaustion.

It's now my favorite room in the house, even without any finishing touches. It just helps make the house feel more like ours. As far as finishing touches go, I think we'd like to eventually find a buffet, a mirror, a rug and several pieces of artwork. Additionally, I need to get a new set of table linens because my old set of bright red is no longer suitable. I'm in no rush now though because, honestly, I have a nursery to plan. :)

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Growing Peanut: Week 13 (First Trimester Recap)

Last week of the first trimester, woo! According to BabyCenter, Peanut is as long as a peapod and nearly an ounce. I haven't started showing yet:
Disgruntled Sarah selfie @ 12 weeks
I guess this pregnancy thing means you guys actually get selfies of me. I've always regretted not taking progress pictures when I lost all the weight, so I'm hoping to avoid a similar regret with pregnancy.   Don't get used to it though, I hate selfies. And hashtags. I hate those too.

Anyhow, moving along!

I can feel my waist getting thicker though and my hips have been achy for a week. Granted, it's hard to tell with my pants since I've been in maternity jeans for about a month now. I felt like a sausage stuffed into my normal jeans and being comfortable became #1 on my importance list while I was nauseated 95% of the day for a month straight.

At this point, I've put on three pounds which is a perfectly reasonable amount for the first trimester. Early on I said to hell with trying to plan what I wanted to eat since I couldn't stomach the thought of a lot of foods that I actually enjoy like peanut butter, chocolate, oatmeal...the horror! Orange juice and white toast were a go-to combination for many days. Fortunately, my nausea started to go away around week 11 and I've had an appetite again.

The biggest change that I've noticed is my skin has gone into oily overdrive mode. It's a throwback to my teenage years before birth control. My face feels like an oil slick by 4pm despite having been washed around 8am. I'm definitely going to have to rework my entire skin care routine for the duration of the pregnancy, but more research is required.

I don't really know what else to report about it so far, but I'm willing to answer any and all questions that people have!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


If this blog were an actual room in reality, there would be dust bunny tumbleweeds rolling across the floor. And crickets. Actually no, you know what, the crickets would probably all be little desiccated corpses at this point. So, now that I've painted a sufficiently morbid picture of how little I've tended to my blog over the last 12 weeks, I will show you what I've been working on.
Yep, working on growing a tiny human.
Tiny human (henceforth known as Peanut) is due March 25th and I'm 12 weeks today. It's hard to summarize the feelings I've had over the last 12 weeks, but foremost among them were general digestive upset, excitement, joy and impatience. The nausea and bloating have been slowly abating over the course last week, and I'm profoundly grateful for that. The impatience is set to last because I'm just that excited for my little Peanut, growing inside of me.

Seeing Peanut on Monday and hearing the heartbeat (steady at 153!) was the coolest thing I've ever experienced. Every time I look at the ultrasound picture, I smile. I'm pretty sure I spent more time just looking at the little picture than actually writing the post. Now that I'm now longer keeping my happy news to myself, the blog's dust bunnies will be eradicated. I have at least five half-finished posts just sitting my Google drive, waiting for the moment when I could share them.