Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Growing Peanut: 6 months

I have little sausage fingers now. They're all puffy and occasionally a little achy. Sooo, it's not really surprising that my rings stopped fitting a couple weeks ago. I wanted to wear them on a necklace but I can't get over my (possibly irrational?) fear of the chain breaking. Then my rings would disappear into the nether, stolen by ring gnomes, who are closely related to the sock gnomes that will surely take up residency in my house when there are baby socks to steal. I plan to foil them by only purchasing one color of baby socks in giant packages.
24 weeks and I actually blew dry my hair this morning.

On the bright side of swelling and puffy things, my ankles and feet still look normal. Three (why do I have three? I don't know) of my pregnancy books say that that's a common side effect starting soon, but I'd like to think that the fact that I cannot sit still at work helps. I'm extremely fortunate to have a sit-stand station at work, and to have convinced a coworker to loan me a monitor stand. I can stand, sit in the chair or squat down onto the monitor stand whenever I feel the need to switch positions. And if there were an award for most trips in and out of my work area, I'd win it by a long shot. I have to pee every freaking 45 minutes, because someone decided she likes to kick me in the bladder.

I'm making sure that I get at least a half hour of walking in most days of the week, one to two Zumba classes and two Reformer classes in each week. If I don't get my walk in, I have an especially difficult time sleeping, so it's become that much more important. Plus, I'm pretty sure it helps me haul my ever larger body up and down the stairs at work without huffing and puffing.

As far as Peanut goes, she seems to enjoy throwing dance parties in my uterus at 3AM. Or maybe I just feel that way because it's the time I have to get up to pee every night now. She also likes to have dance parties after I've had some orange juice. Sometimes I'll drink the orange juice in the morning now because it's fun to feel the little dance party when I'm awake.

But other than the normal things I've already mentioned, I'm a pretty boring pregnant patient according to my doctor.

Boring is good.