Tuesday, November 18, 2014


About three months ago, I had the opportunity to join a new project at a different facility doing completely different (but still software) work. It was intimidating at first, leaving everything I'd known for seven years behind but I got over it. I've got a lot more self-confidence than I did when I started my career seven years ago. The new tasks they have me working on are interesting and going to work in the morning is much less of a chore when you enjoy what you're doing.

On Wednesday last week, I was deep in concentration, attempting to solve a problem that required a directory name to be prefixed to an object's name in a makefile. I had 16 different browser tabs open, my earbuds in and my Amazon Prime Dubstep station cranked. All perfectly conducive to cranking out a solution in under an hour.  I'd just finished adding my last change to the file when Peanut decided to remind me she was still there.

She had to have wound up for that kick because she's still pretty small and it takes a lot of force for me to really feel her doing her ninja workout in there. She clocked me so hard that I actually jumped (easily startled much?) and completely lost my focus.

I guess this parenting thing starts early.