Friday, November 7, 2014

Growing Peanut: 5 months

The four weeks between my previous appointment and my appointment this past Monday were excruciating. They felt longer than the time between my positive test and my first appointment. And that was 7 full weeks! It was even worse than waiting for Christmas morning as a little kid because it had been 8 weeks since I'd last seen Peanut on an ultrasound and I wanted to know how things were going in there. First thing of interest, Peanut is a girl! The tech measured all of her little bones and organs (which are perfectly normal, yay!) and she's weighed about 10 oz on Monday.

The tech had no problems measuring all the little Peanut parts but when it came time for to get a side profile shot, she was not agreeable. She kept putting her arms in front of her face and turning her head just slightly away. Clearly my aversion (and Eric's) to cameras is genetic.

This is the best of the four I brought home:
Look at that little face!
Impatience aside, I've entered a pretty calm time in my pregnancy. Most, really all, of my first trimester discomforts are gone and none of the third trimester ones have reared their ugly heads yet. Sure, I get a little bit of pain in my round ligaments on occasion but it's not nearly as bad as the back pain I dealt with last summer. I'm currently counting myself as a lucky person to feel this comfortable. Stairs are still rough but I'm just going to keep using them since I feel like I'm going to need to learn to have some endurance for my growing belly.

Let's move onto the 5 month selfie. Oh what fun! I took this one in the morning so I look barely awake and have puffy eyelids.
Yep, definitely heading into the looking pregnant stage.
At this point, I've also resolved that I give approximately zero poops about what my weight is currently. I'm eating reasonably and Peanut's growing well in there. If it's a problem, I'm sure it'll come up at a prenatal appointment but until it does, I'm just going to trust my body to do it's own thing.

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