Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dining Room Facelift: Part 5 - The Trimmings

It's done, it's done, it's finally done! And it only took about 8 months to complete, which is not the speediest of timelines.
My family came down in June and helped us put up all of the new trim. We're very grateful for all their help because I think it probably would have taken another six months if we'd had to do it all ourselves. As it was, once the trim was installed, it took me a two more months (and a lot of help from Eric!) to get holes filled, sanded and painted. I'm attributing that delay entirely to first trimester exhaustion.

It's now my favorite room in the house, even without any finishing touches. It just helps make the house feel more like ours. As far as finishing touches go, I think we'd like to eventually find a buffet, a mirror, a rug and several pieces of artwork. Additionally, I need to get a new set of table linens because my old set of bright red is no longer suitable. I'm in no rush now though because, honestly, I have a nursery to plan. :)

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