Monday, June 23, 2014

Alaska Cruise: Final Thoughts

I've finally made it to the end of this rather lengthy series of posts, a full two weeks after vacation actually ended. The last two days of the trip don't warrant much description; we self-disembarked and headed back to the Mayflower Park, before making a beeline to The Crumpet Shop. It's possible that I'm obsessed with crumpets now. It's also possible that there will be a crumpet recipe post in the near future.

With all that said and done, I'd like to share a couple of things that didn't quite fit into the recap posts.

Packing for a cruise is different than packing for a non-cruise vacation.
I hate packing. A lot. I always feel as if I've forgotten something, even when I haven't. Eric is the same way and the night before vacation seems to always end up with arguments because of this. It doesn't even help if I make physical checklists to go through as I pack; I still feel edgy and anxious the entire time. Packing for the cruise took our neuroses and brought it to an entirely new level. See, thing is, when we pack for a normal vacation, I just shove x number of t-shirts and y number of underpants into my suitcase. I always feel okay with what I've packed so long as I have enough underpants to wear a fresh pair every day. Totally reasonable, right?
Totally rocking the smart casual here: black skirt, grey silk blouse and navy wool cardigan.
Eric likes to take pictures of me eating apples for some reason.

The cruise, with its smart casual dress code, warranted a little more thought than x number of t-shirts, y number of underpants. I didn't want to pack a bunch of t-shirts if I wasn't going to wear them. That just takes up space (and weight!) which is already at a premium when it comes to suitcases and airlines. I ended up packing a black skirt,three blouses, two cardigans, an extra pair of non-ratty jeans and a couple of my sweater dresses. For shoes, I packed all three pairs of my Vivo's and not a single pair of high heels despite formal nights. I can't walk in high heels on dry land, no need to try my luck at sea. I managed to wear all but two of the outfits that I packed, so I must have done a pretty darn good job.

Arriving at the departure port a day early makes life easier.
On the shuttle to the port, we met a couple whose luggage had been temporarily misplaced on their flight to Seattle. They, like us, had arrived a day early which gave the airline enough time to recover and deliver their luggage. Arriving a day early is definitely a sound decision if it's feasible.