Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alaska Cruise: Day 3 - Sea Day #1

Our first full cruise day was a scheduled at sea day and upon waking I knew I was going to need some Dramamine and my Sea Bands. The motion of the ship was mildly reminiscent of the vertigo spell I suffered a few months ago with the exception that the floor actually did move underneath my feet. It was certainly not as bad, but I did spend most of the day on the precipice of queasy.

If you watch Top Chef, you’ll recall that the cheftestants (what a stupid word) from Season 10 cruised to Alaska towards the end of their season. I’m pretty sure that season of Top Chef was what inspired this vacation. Celebrity Cruises is known for their food quality, so it was inevitable that we would pounce upon the opportunity to talk to the chefs and explore the galleys. The tour was genuinely astounding; there are somewhere on the order of 150 chefs on board this cruise and somewhere around 70 people committed to solely to sanitation. Each restaurant has its own galley and there’s an entire refrigerated section on deck two. They are clearly committed to providing quality meals to the guests.

Our first formal night went over well, though I felt a tad under-dressed and self-conscious. I didn’t pack any of what little jewelry I own and wearing make-up always makes me feel like people are staring at me thinking, “Wow, her make-up looks like a five-year old did it!” Eric assured me that it did not look that way but I just can’t help myself. It’s pretty ironic that wearing make-up makes me feel self-conscious.

After dinner, there was a Cirque du Soleil style show that was mildly entertaining. Unfortunately, my jet lag, the Dramamine and the gentle rocking of the boat had my eyelids drooping the entire time. After the performance, we went back to the cabin and I barely managed to make it through my nightly routine before I fell dead asleep.