Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alaska Cruise: Day 2 - Embarkation Day!

As noted in the previous day’s post, we knew were definitely going back to The Crumpet Shop, and that is exactly what we did for breakfast. I ordered a bowl of groats with soy milk and honey, and a crumpet with fresh raspberry preserves on the side. Eric got some sort of savory crumpet with cheese and a tomato on it, I think. I’m not completely positive because I was too fixated on my groats. I’m not sure if I've ever mentioned it but I love oatmeal. A bowl of oatmeal with a cup of coffee is my perfect breakfast. It just helps start the day off on the right foot. After breakfast, we wandered around Pike Place Market for a little bit. It was quite early, so there wasn't much to see; the stalls were restocking and preparing for another day.

The shuttle to the docks arrived around 11:15, and after much ado with seating arrangements, we were off. The port was remarkably like an airport, with the exception that our AquaClass ticket got us into our own special line. A line that was a great deal shorter than the regular one and because of that fact, we made it aboard before an hour before the stateroom was even ready. So, we explored:

Some key observations from our exploration:
  • The cruise was definitely geared towards an older crowd. There were very few children on the boat. We appreciated this.
  • One could easily get fat in this environment. There was food everywhere.
  • This ship is really just a giant floating hotel.
Dinner was already decided upon, as we had reservations at The Tuscan Grille. It was a delicious dinner and I managed to take not a single picture of it. I did, however, manage to get a picture of dessert. Because really, dessert is the best part:

Eric spent most of dessert laughing at me because I kept attempting to maximize the surface area of my dipping items. Delicious chocolate is not to be wasted. He even stopped me using my spoon to eat the chocolate as if it were soup (meanie!). We wandered around for the rest of the evening, until we both decided the motion in the fore of the boat was making us nauseous. We retired to our cabin in the aft of the ship and promptly fell asleep.