Monday, March 31, 2014

Maintenance: Year 4

I've been procrastinating this post for about three months now and I had this whole thing typed out. But when I read it back to myself this evening, I sounded like a giant whiner making excuses for making poor choices. But, that might have something to do with the fact that I'm in a completely different mental space this evening than I was this morning.

The day started with my alarm waking me from a dead sleep at 7AM. That's abnormal for me since I tend to wake up before my alarm even goes off. I attempted to summon the energy to extricate my exhausted body from the bed but it took an extra half an hour. By that time, I knew breakfast at home wasn't happening so I decided I'd just take a shower, get dressed and head to Starbucks for my standard tall dark roast and bacon breakfast sandwich. As I was attempting to wrangle my sweater from the laundry basket (because it's still freaking cold) I managed to cut myself on the laundry basket. Yeah, that's right my laundry basket cut me. Who the hell cuts themselves on a laundry basket? This girl, right here. I'm not sure what idiocy on my part really caused that but I just sucked it up an got a bandage for it.

On the trek from the car to my cubicle, I managed to fill the pad of my bandage with coffee. Because of course, the lid wasn't on correctly and that meant coffee drips down the cup. Since I didn't feel like coffee was doing my cut any good, I removed the bandage and gave up on them entirely.  Remarkably, the work day passed without any major issue and my trip to the gym with Eric and Meaghan was the high point of my day.

And here's the part of the day where things went downhill, because when I do idiotic, I do it well.

I was nearly home, not even a mile away, when I managed to hit the curb on a right hand turn. And I didn't hit the curb at a nice slow speed. Nope, not me. I made it home, parked the car and opened my door. As if on cue, I heard a rapid hissing noise emanating from the front right-hand side of my car. I began swearing like a sailor, because that was the only response to the situation I could muster. I was so mad at myself for my brief lapse in judgment that was going to result in needing a new wheel and a new tire.

It wasn't until after dinner, while I was sitting there waiting for AAA, that I realized that my lapse in driving judgment was a great analogy to the poor food/fitness decisions that have been going on lately. Obviously the busted tire was a more immediate result of my own idiocy, but the end result of my poor food choices was going to leave me in an equally pissed off state.

So, I deleted the entire whiny post and am owning my lapse in judgment. As of today, I'm six pounds over my original goal weight of 127 and I'm done with it.

By the way, this post was alternatively titled "Sarah's an idiot."