Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What I'm Watching

Or more accurately, what I’m recording, because TV shows aren’t good when you can’t fast forward through the commercials. And also because I can hardly find the time to watch the recorded episodes each week, let alone find the time watch live.


I’m thoroughly enjoying this season of Grimm. I love the developing relationships between the characters and having the Captain be an active player in the story line is great. It's giving me some Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes and that's definitely a good thing. Let's just hope they don't introduce a Dawn.

Almost Human
I enjoy relationship between the series' two leads. I highly doubt that the series is going to become a regular and may not survive to a second season. SciFi like this just isn't mainstream enough to survive.

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I love this show. But I'm a huge Marvel dork and I love pretty much everything Joss Whedon does, so it was pretty much a given. I'm hooked right now because I'm just waiting on the proof that Skye is May's daughter.

Once Upon A Time
I'll admit, this season had a slow start. They spent way too much time in Neverland, but I kept watching it because of Hook. They renewed my interest with the midseason twist, so I'm excited to keep watching now.

Guilty Pleasures
Castle  & Bones
These are totally guilty pleasures because both series are extremely formulaic and neither are isn't pushing any boundaries. They're just something fun that Eric and I can watch together.

I enjoy the clever twist of making important (and previously male) characters female. It's definitely not a groundbreaking series but it's a fun filler series.

 I liked Haven a lot when it started. It felt new and interesting. The troubles were basically unwanted magical powers with profoundly negative consequences and that's not something I see or read about very often. I almost wish the series had just ended with Audrey going into the stupid barn last year, so I wouldn't have had to drop it. It's completely lost my interest and so it's come out of my DVR queue.

Sleepy Hollow had it's moments but it lost me. I just stopped wanting to watch it so I dropped it.