Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In & Recap: 1/6/2014

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I am totally a zombie today. It's my first day back at work this year. We get Christmas Eve to New Year's Day off and for the grand total of 3 days of PTO, I had two full weeks off. Two full weeks for my shoulder to heal up (yay!) and my sleep schedule to go straight to hell (boo). As evidenced by my abnormally low step count, I didn't exactly move around a lot either. As enthused (not) as I feel about returning to work, I'm appreciative of the return to a normal schedule. This transition day sucks though.

Today's going to be a gym day, the first since I messed up my shoulder, and I'm wracking my brain trying to plan a simple workout that won't result in a setback. I'm thinking the stair climber machine for cardio combined with some body weight exercises for strength should be simple and effective enough. Normally I'd pick the treadmill but the gym is bound to be overrun with resolutioners today.

I spent most of the vacation working on my home improvement project, which will get posted tomorrow.  I'm doing a lot of work in the dining room, so if you're interested, you can check it out tomorrow. :)