Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year! :)

I'm not really big on resolutions, but I do think that New Years Day is a good time to pause and reevaluate. It's always nice to have a general guideline of tasks to work towards before the end of the year. Especially for me, because I'm a pretty achievement-oriented person. I like the sense of accomplishment that achieving a goal brings. That being said, I know I can get ahead of myself a lot of the time. I'm constantly starting new projects and not finishing them. Or I take on something way too large without realistically thinking about whether or not I can finish it. I think even I have a blog post about this problem of mine in the archives from a couple of years ago. So this year, I've taken the time to critically analyze each of the goals I've set. They have to be realistic, achievable and instilled with a sense of purpose. And so, without further ado, here they are:

Keep doing Reformer at least twice a week
I've been stuck in an injured state a lot over the last couple of years and after two full courses of physical therapy, I'm pretty sure I know why. I have a crummy proprioceptive sense and unlike most people, I have to be taught what normal and correct feels like for many of my joints. Reformer class with Elena does exactly that. I leave every single class feeling more comfortable in my own body, feeling like I know how to move it through space correctly. At nearly $22, it's an expensive goal but the benefits are beyond worth it for me.

Be more mindful of food waste
It's a recurring theme with myself and Eric, we find ourselves throwing away uneaten food that's gone bad. It makes me feel wasteful in several regards, so I think it's time to crack down on this behavior. I haven't come up with a clear strategy for this yet, but I think a good place to start is with a reminder sticky note on the fridge door.

Clean up all my unfinished knitting projects
I have a lot of unfinished projects scattered about. They've been this way for years now, so I'm pretty confident they're never getting finished. I will take the time to frog (knitspeak for undoing all the stitches) them back to yarn balls.

Knit a Beekeeper's Blanket
Since I'm going to be have an abundance of tiny yarn balls from the previous goal, I'll have to find something to do with them. I was poking around Ravelry when I came across the Beekeeper's Blanket, which will suit my purposes just right. I like the fact that each tiny hexagon can be knit and finished quickly. I'm horribly bad at long projects...that's why I have to clean up all the unfinished projects to begin with.

Knit a pair of toe-up socks
I knit a sock once. Yeah, that's right, a single sock. The sock gnomes did not steal its counterpart, because it just never existed. On one hand (foot?), I'm impressed that I actually finished said sock, but it's not like I can really use it. I knit it top down (cuff to toe) and I wasn't too fond of the method. I think that this year I'd like to try to knit a pair toe up. I've seen plenty of methods on the internet that should help me do this.

Fix up the dining room
This should really be more, "Finish fixing up the dining room" because I definitely already started. It's been an exhausting process so far, and it definitely won't get left half done. I'd never be able to invite people over to my home to eat! At least I waited until after Thanksgiving to do this. I'll have to dedicate an entire post to this in the future, because right now I just don't want to waste words on it.

Build a raised bed garden and actually have a garden this year!
Can you tell I'm excited about this? At first I had grand ideas about how to do this. I was all but sold on building an 8'x12' deer proof garden. Then I realized I have a million other projects going on and I do not need something that is so big or extravagant. No, I think a 3'x6' raised bed garden will suit me just fine. It's by far cheaper ($335 vs. >$1200) and more maintainable since time is always limited by the fact that I have a 40 hour work week higher in the priority list.

And there you have it. My goals for the year of 2014. It seems like a lot right now, but fortunately I have a whole year to work on them. What about you, readers of this tiny little blog, what do you want to achieve this year? Leave me a note in the comments!