Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Weight & Weekend Recap: 10/21/13

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Despite the large jump in step count, things aren't moving in a downward trend. That's fair though because diet is 80% of it and I'm not even logging my food. I'm secretly harboring the wish (desire, whatever you want to call it) to be able to eat without logging my food and maintain. I guess I'm sort of doing that? Kind of? I know I'm struggling to get the momentum going in respect to diet; It's just hard to find the mental energy to care right now. I'd list out all the reasons why, but it already sounds like excuses in my head. The best I can do right now is stay steady, because I'm pretty sure this is cyclic and eventually the motivation will return.

We finally got around to hanging our dining room light fixture this weekend. Well, Eric did most of it. I just stood on a chair and held it from falling off the box we put it on. Oh, and I played with the breakers. It was our first lighting fixture installation and we were pretty scared it was going to light the house on fire as soon as we turned it on. That might have just been me. Not sure. It didn't though and I was pretty proud of Eric's handiwork. The dining room needs a paint job wicked bad too. It's an ugly orange color that doesn't exactly inspire me to want to have family gatherings in there. Plus the previous owners did a crummy job painting the trim, so if you rub it too hard with a sponge the paint slips right off. It drives me nuts, and I'd like to have it fixed before Thanksgiving because we're hosting but I'm doubtful.

Oh, and I also made some more cupcakes this weekend.
Snickerdoodle cupcakes!
The frosting tasted fine but looked terrible. I cleverly covered it up with a teeny little snickerdoodle cookie. They must have been a hit because I didn't come home with any. Eric also made something, but I'm saving that photo for Friday.