Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In & Weekend Recap: 10/14/13

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I had a so-so food week but quite an industrious weekend.

We attacked the what will eventually be my garden on Saturday. Nate came down with a weedwacker, two rakes, some sort of three-pronged soil-stabbing tool and a something else to stab the gigantic weeds. It took several hours of hard work, but we finally got it down to a point where I'll be able to turn it into something next spring. In its current state, it's just too big though. There would be no way that I would have the time to maintain it and work. My goal for next spring is to build a couple of raised beds inside the space that we cleared, something of a more reasonable size.

On Sunday afternoon, I spent time with my favorite dog buddy!

He creates a path of toy-destruction.

In an effort to tire him out, I did my C25K Week 3, Workout 3 in our driveway with him. On our fourth run down the driveway, he started snapping at something behind me. At first I thought he was being a little jerk and trying to nip my heels, but it turns out he was trying to grab his leash in his mouth. He succeeded at that and then ran ahead of me a little bit with the leash in his mouth and looked at me with the, "C'mon human! You're not going fast enough!" look on his face.  He's quite the little character.