Thursday, October 17, 2013


Yesterday didn't start out that badly. I snoozed my alarm more than I should have so I got to work a little later than I wanted. But, it's not like I was actually late for anything so it wasn't a big deal. I started out a pretty good mood because I got a new, shiny and powerful work laptop. It boots up in less than 20 minutes and doesn't sit there and spin the stupid little circle cursor every time I want to use an internet browser. All positive things. Better than that, it came with a real backpack instead of one of those stupid cross-body laptop bags that always leaves big long bruises on my shoulder. It wouldn't have really taken much to make me happy in comparison to my old laptop though.

In fact, everything went fine until lunch. I went down to the cafeteria to get a bowl for my stew and returned to the microwave to heat it up. As I took my steaming hot bowl out of the microwave, I realized I didn't have any utensils to eat it with but didn't want to go back to the cafeteria. One of my nice coworkers has a box of plastic cutlery in his cubicle, and he doesn't mind if I take one every so often. It happened to be on my way back to my own cubicle so I figured it would just be easier if I grabbed a plastic spoon from his. I walked into his cubicle and promptly tripped over my own feet, dumping my bowl of stew all over the floor behind his chair.

Isn't this crap only supposed to happen in bad teen movies?

Neither he nor his office-mate were in the cubicle so I'm grateful that I at least didn't dump it all over one of them. That would have just made me feel even worse than I already did. Frantically, I grabbed every visible napkin and the trashcan then plunked down on the floor to clean up my poor lunch. When I ran out of napkins, I got lucky and found a roll of paper towels hidden behind the the desk. When my coworker and his office-mate returned to their cubicle to find me sitting on the floor with paper towels and a trash can I can only imagine the first thought was, "What the heck happened here?" I apologized profusely as they laughed at my story, then escaped off to find a real lunch.

Let's just hope I can keep my food in its bowl today. Cafeteria lunch two days in a row would be kind of lame and I don't think another dose of stew would do the carpet in my coworker's cubicle a bit of good.