Thursday, September 19, 2013

Turkey Trot Training Plan

I ran my first turkey trot race in 2006 at 178lbs. My dad drove me out and waited in the car, reading the newspaper while I ran. It was a hard race. I was cold and slow, but it didn't really matter. The sense of accomplishment I got from doing something that was the antithesis of the overly indulgent holiday was awesome. Then after I lost all the weight and started running again, it only made sense I'd run a turkey trot that year. I did and I've run one every year since I made my goal weight. Due to the whole injury, I haven't run a race since last year's turkey trot and I was starting to worry that I wouldn't be able to run one this year.

I didn't really need to be worried though, because through the help of my PT and my own persistence, I'm ready to run again. And hey, look at that, it conveniently works out that my first race back will be my favorite race of the year! My training plan this year may look slightly pathetic and light on the mileage but I've been hurt two years in a row now. It's time to use some caution in building back to my version of prime racing form.

The plan (in convenient table form!) looks like this:

M T W R F Sa Su
Week 1 (9/16) 2.2 km Lifting Off Zumba Lifting 2.2 km 2.4 km & Reformer
Week 2 (9/23) Lifting Reformer 2.4 km Zumba Lifting 2.6km 2.6km
Week 3 (9/30) 2.8km Lifting 2.8km Zumba Lifting Off 3.0 km & Reformer
Week 4 (10/7) 3.0 km Lifting 3.4 km Zumba Lifting Off 3.4 km & Reformer
Week 5 (10/14) 3.8 km Lifting 3.8 km Zumba Lifting Off 4.2 km & Reformer
Week 6 (10/21) 4.2 km Lifting 4.6 km Zumba Lifting Off 4.6 km & Reformer
Week 7 (10/28) 5.0 km Lifting 5.0 km Zumba Lifting 5.8 km Off
Week 8 (11/4) 5.8 km Lifting 6.6 km Zumba Lifting Off 6.6 km & Reformer
Week 9 (11/11) 6.8 km Lifting 6.8 km Zumba Lifting Off 7.0 km & Reformer
Week 10 (11/18) 7.0 km Lifting 7.0 km w/hill repeats Zumba Lifting Off 7.0 km tempo & Reformer
Week 11 (11/25) 7.0 km easy Lifting Off Gobble Wobble 5K Easy day 7.0 km w/hill repeats Reformer?

I'm not setting a time goal this year, as just running the race will be enough of an accomplishment. I've already run once so far this week and it still felt awkward. I can tell my breathing patterns are getting better though because it's becoming easier to breathe into my belly while I run. I've dropped down to one Zumba class a week to better accommodate my two weekly lifting sessions because I think they're more important to developing a well-balanced level of fitness.