Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Strawberry Runners

I haven't really talked much about my deck garden this year. Mostly that's just because it's not really a garden when it's a single planter pot. I hadn't intended for it to only hold three different types of plants, but there was a minor disaster in April (it was a busy month) with my seedlings. The only seedlings I started myself that were hardy enough to survive the lack of water were my johnny jump-ups and my petunias. They both thrived for their seasons and I was quite pleased with my ability to keep them alive.

Johnny Jump-Ups (tricolor violas)

Debonair Dusty Rose Petunias

The other plants in my pot were my pineberry plants. I purchased two of them from Burpee on a whim because I thought they looked neat. Pineberries are a strawberry cultivar that have been bred to have white flesh and red seeds; they also taste like pineapple crossed with a strawberry, hence the name. I wasn't sure that they'd do well in my pot, but I wanted to try anyhow. To my own amazement, they've thrived despite the excessively wet summer we've had. They've done so well that they're now sending out runners.

Runners everywhere! There were berries in the left middle of this photograph,
but I ate them before I took the picture.
Strawberry plants are vining plants so they propagate themselves by sending out vines with tiny little plant nubs on them. When the nub grows enough leaves, it'll also start to grow its own roots.

Itty bitty little roots
Since my plant is in a planter and all my vines shoot out into nowhere, the tiny baby plant growing on the vine has no where to root and grow. Fortunately, once the roots have formed, you can snip off the whole vine, trim down both sides of the new plant and stick it in a pot to grow.

I'm pretty excited about this! It means that next year I'll be able to have a real garden and maybe, just maybe, I'll get more than 10 edible pineberries.