Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Weigh-In & Weekend Recap

WeightB.F. %

Ugh. It's Monday already? I feel like I hardly had a weekend at all, but regardless, I'm doing things a little differently today and starting it off with a weigh-in. Since July 24th 2009, I've weighed in every Friday without fail, through ups and downs. Lately though, having the weigh-in on Friday has given way to a yeah! it's the weekend, I can eat whatever I want and make up for it during the week next week! mentality.

Which is not a really great mentality to have, hence the Monday morning weigh-in. I won't snarfle food like a little starving piggy if I know that I have to step on a scale two days later. Work weeks are hardly ever a problem for me if I take the time to meal plan on the weekends. Speaking of meal planning, I did a good bit of that this past weekend. I made chili to bring for lunch and I made some more rye bread for sandwiches. My rye bread was a little deformed though:

Eric thought my ugly bread was particularly amusing,
so he decided to caption it with a napkin. *shakes head*

I've also decided to make a swap with my scheduled training runs and use the C25K app from ZenLabs. I've been having such a hard time sticking to the plan because everything has been feeling so hard (yeah, I know I was sick but still) that I realized I need to scale back. If I start completing things that feel easy, I can build up to the point where four miles feels easy again. I've reassembled my treadmill to help out with this, in case I get home and it's dark already.