Monday, August 26, 2013

If it's not broken, don't fix it

I have a habit of over-analyzing  and over-planning. It's not really bad or good, so I hesitate to generically label it with either adjective. However, in some situations, it certainly hasn't served me well. Ever since I returned from the honeymoon in April, I've been pretty lax with my eating habits. I attribute this mostly to the fact that I spent a great deal of time in mild to moderate pain from the crummy injury. It hurt to get in and out of the car, it hurt to climb the stairs and it hurt to sit too long.

So I'd let myself get away with thinking, "Oh, I feel so miserable, I bet this huge portion of a sugary treat will surely make me feel better about things." But, you know, it never did. After one particularly awful evening after Zumba class, where my lower back seized up to the point I had to crawl up the stairs hunched over, I knew I had to cut back on my activity level. This was about the same time I started physical therapy, so I knew that I had to learn to move better before I could move more. I decided to quit Zumba until I felt better.

Combine that fact with my lax attitude and it's no wonder I'm feeling a little squished into my clothes these days. Throw a little denial into the equation and my tendency to over-analyze the situation spiraled out of control. For the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking that it's bad for me to log my food and that I should try to get away from it. There's quite a lot of differing opinions on the matter of logging what you eat and it's easy to let other people's opinions sway you if you're not completely invested in an idea anymore.

After two weeks of trying to hold myself accountable without logging my food and an altercation with an entire container of this I realized that I was being stupid. Logging my food has always given me, a visual learner, the feedback that I require to keep myself accountable. I've never had any adverse effects because I log my food and it has always worked well for me. It wasn't the broken part; my mindset was.

I'd been away from logging for so long that at first I just wanted to plan it to death and try to make every goal immediately. That didn't work well, so now I'm just back to logging what I eat for one week. From that point, I can make tiny changes to help me get back to where I want to be, i.e. not feeling like a sausage stuffed into her casing every time I get dressed.