Monday, June 24, 2013

The Return of the Knitter

Being unable to be as active as I prefer, I find that I have an abundance of mental energy and time to spare. At first I was a little stir crazy because of it, aimlessly cleaning and organizing the apartment (the bathroom is sparkly white now). When I opened the door to the craft closet, I remembered that I had a closet full of yarn and that I enjoyed knitting. I wasn't sure where I wanted to start. I knew that I had a ton of yarn, so I decided the first step was to catalog it.
I own a lot of yarn.
After cataloging it, I went hunting for particular projects that would let me use up some of the massive stash of yarn that I own. And thus, Knits the Dog was born:

I even signed up for one of the monthly mystery knit alongs that Craftsy hosts and made this hat:

Knitting is hardly a suitable replacement for exercise, but it does at least give my mind something to focus on until I can get back to running and lifting. It also has the added benefit of the satisfaction of finishing something which I think is really what I miss the most right now. Completing a four mile run always left me with this sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for the day, and going for a 40 minute walk doesn't quite provide the same feelings.