Monday, May 13, 2013

A Wedding Story: Part One

A month ago today, Eric and I got married. It's taken me exactly that long to write the story in the way I want it told. It's ended up being two parts because it was (obviously) an eventful day. So, without further ado, here is part one.
It's hard to find a starting point to describe my wedding day. I could start with the stomping feet of the tiny hockey players in the room above mine at 4 A.M. But I'd be lying if I said that was what woke me up.

The truth is I slept fitfully that night, filled to the brim with excitement and nervousness. I went over the steps of our first dance endlessly in my head (step, step, step, step, step and turn) and tried to memorize one particular piece of my vows. I gave up on sleep at 7 A.M. and went to find the complimentary breakfast buffet, which had rubber eggs and plastic bacon. I settled on a packet of pathetic instant oatmeal and sat down to eat with my Dad.

Shortly after breakfast, I sent my dad out on an errand to retrieve snacks for everyone and began to arrange the room for the arrival of the bridesmaids. The hotel room was significantly smaller than I'd anticipated and had no sitting chairs. I ended up shoving some of the furniture into the Jacuzzi tub and generally rearranging the entire room.  By the time my bridesmaids arrived the room was prepped for hair and makeup.

Amy and Lisa of Special Event Beauty arrived shortly after 10 A.M. and got right to work. Lacey and Tina went first, while Meaghan and I sat around chatting and observing.  Tara arrived shortly before noon and set about taking some detail photos. From that point on, hair and makeup went so efficiently and easily that we were done a couple hours earlier than expected. Tara and I were able to get plenty of glamour shots of me made up in my dress. Best of all, we were able to get some photographs of my adorable ring bearer and flower girl before we even left the hotel.

After we finished up with the pictures at the hotel, Tara headed off to Wedgewood to see Eric and his groomsmen. I waited patiently with my lovely bridesmaids for the limo and town car to arrive. And then promptly, at 4:30 we set out for the venue. We arrived with significant time to spare and so we were herded up into the ready room. As I was waiting for the elevator to go up, I heard Eric’s voice in the hallway and had a momentary panic because I didn’t want him to see me all fancied up beforehand. Fortunately, he didn’t come near me and the elevator allowed me to escape.

While we were waiting in the ready room, I turned to my now-niece, the flower girl, who I was in charge of looking after, and asked her if she was tired of standing up. She nodded and shyly said yes, so I told her we were just going to sit down on the floor. I slipped out of my flats, pushing them in front of my dress and sat down with my train around me. My niece, being the cutest thing that day, slipped out of her own little shoes and sat down with her dress puffed up around her. I think it had to be one of my most memorable moments all day, but alas there are no pictures to prove it.

All day long everyone, from Amy and Lisa to our driver,  kept remarking how calm and collected I appeared. And I was, up until the moment where we had to line up for the ceremony.  It was that moment that everything felt real and I realized had to go stand in front of a bunch of people and recite our vows. As my wedding party disappeared around the corner to prepare for walking down the aisle, I started to shake.