Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh hi there!

I'm not even sure where to start, I've been away from the blog so long. Work ruled my life for the last month and a half with many long hours and much overtime accumulated. As is usual for me during periods of work stress, I was sneaking candies from everyone's candy bowl with alarming regularity. Fortunately for me (and my waistline), the work all culminated in a series of tests that I ran with a quality control person two weeks ago Saturday.

I promptly proceeded to get sick with a nasty head cold the day after my tests and had to take last Monday off. This was a particularly smart decision on my part, because this past Friday Eric and I flew out to Seattle for the Patriots game. Anyone who has ever traveled with any form of nasal congestion on a plane knows how super fun to fly sick.

Seattle was a lot of fun and we had brunch at the Space Needle:

I've got no pictures of anything I ate, because, you know, I was too busy eating it. Particularly the Nutella whipped cream on my hazelnut crusted french toast. I devoured that. The thick and crispy bacon on the side was also excellent.

We visited the Chihuly Glass Gardens after the space needle and I was far more entranced by it than Eric was. I was so entertained by it that I have quite a lot of pictures to share, but I'll just pick the top three:

I also got to see my friend Sara (who moved to Seattle after college) on Saturday for dinner, which made me happy. Twice in one week! :)

Our Sunday was devoted entirely to the football game. We wandered down to a bar that was hosting a Patriots "tailgate." I hardly think it can be called a tailgate if there's no truck with a tailgate involved but whatever. It was loud, and there were tater tots with their horrible little tater tot siren call. All crispy, fried and potato-y. I had a few because it's been forever since I've actually had any fried foods. They were alright, I suppose. Eric and I then left the bar early and headed over to the stadium so we could get in when it opened. I have to say, Century Link has far better food options than Gilette does. I got a bag of tasty caramel kettle corn and proceeded to eat the entire thing. Oopsy.