Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding: The Venue, Part 2

A couple of days later, I started looking into The Saphire Estates in South Eastern, MA. I put in an inquiry and set up a tour before I'd even found out that the minimum capacity for their smallest ballroom was 200 people. I suspected that meant their minimums for that day were probably outrageous. They were. The number I was provided was 80% of our budget. Disheartened yet again, I canceled my tour.

It was about this time that I finally gave the information I received from Wedgewood Pines more than a cursory glance. The package seemed reasonable and the photos made the location seem pretty, so I set up a tour for the next Saturday. It was only a half an hour from our place in Northborough so Eric decided to come along. Upon arrival we met with the event director, Kerri, who blew us both away. She sat us down and went through a slideshow of several weddings that had been previously held at Wedgewood. She gave me a copy of the latest Knot Boston magazine (score!) and then took us for a tour of the facility.

The moment I stepped around the corner where the ceremony would be held, I knew that it was the right place. The package was great and the location was perfect. The whole place satisfied the major criteria that each of us were looking for in a venue. However, not wanting to make a rash decision, we decided to think it over and get back to Kerri the following week. We discussed it in the car on the way home and then both decided that it was the place we wanted by Sunday night. We booked for April 13th, 2013 on July 13th, leaving us with nine months to plan the whole wedding. I'm completely thrilled to be working with Kerri as the event director and I'm thrilled to see what the place will look like come wedding day.

The Venue: Part One

If you're married or getting married, how long did it take you to find your venue? Did you have to sift through a lot of wrong places to find the right one?