Monday, September 3, 2012

Shoe Review: Altra Zero Drops

Ever since I started running six years ago, I've been searching for the perfect shoe.

In particular, I wanted a shoe that I wouldn't have to lace specially because it squeezed my forefoot so tightly that my little toe would go numb. Is that really so difficult? You'd think not, but it was.

And then, as I was reading my Runner's World from March this year, I came across the shoe to end all of my running shoe woes.
Altra Zero Drop
After reading about them in Runner's World, I knew I had to check out their website. Gender specific shoe? Um, heck yes! Actually designed for the anatomy of a foot? Sold. I bought a pair on the first visit to the website.

I received my first pair of Altras within five days of ordering it and they've gone with me everywhere, every day since then. I took them to Arizona, I wore them for Zumba and I wear them to lift weights. They are the most comfortable shoe that I have ever purchased. In fact, I love them so much that when a coworker found a deal on LeftLane sports to get them at 50% off, I bought two more pairs. My only gripe is that the laces are particularly slick and have a tendency to occasionally come undone during a run. It's a pretty minor flaw and one that a little creativity easily overcomes.

I would definitely recommend that anyone who is considering a less traditional running shoe give these a try. Just as a word of warning, as with any minimalist shoe, if you haven't been running barefoot or in another pair of zero drops before, rotate these in slowly so your body can adjust without injury.

Have you tried Altra? What's your favorite running shoe?