Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Released Into The Wild

Alternatively this post could be titled Wild squirrels run free! but I thought that would be a little too cheesy.
I had my final physical therapy appointment two weeks ago. I've made significant progress, which is enough to get me cleared to continue on my own. I did have some lingering calf pain because I tried to do too much to soon (argh) but its finally completely cleared up. I've been running every other day for about a week or so now.

I'm still a bit nervous every time I run. I'm constantly checking in with the past hurty parts to see if they hurt again and so far they haven't but once bitten, twice shy, I guess? The mileage I've started introducing back into my schedule is low, just a few meters over 2K on average. It seems to be working and nothing is hurting, but I'll continue with my 10% increases until I know that I'm truly 100% again.

Regardless, I've already signed up for one of my favorite races from last year: The Southborough Gobble Wobble Turkey Trot 5K. It's on Thanksgiving (duh) and I've even convinced a friend and Nate to run it with me. I though about coming up with a training plan for myself, but I realized that at this point I just need to run. I don't need to worry about speed training, or endurance training, just running. It makes going for a run easy since I don't even worry about taking Beepy or a regular watch with me.

Hopefully within a month or two, the title of my blog will start to be apropos again.