Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not That Girl

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A couple of days ago, I was looking through this post. It's a post that is as much for me as it is for everyone else. It's good to look at from time to time to remind myself of how far I've come.

Only this time, I looked at it and realized that I was no longer that girl anymore.

At that age and maturity level, I blamed everyone else for my problems. I was fat because something was wrong with my endocrine system, not because I was inactive and ate too much of all the wrong foods. And the blame game wasn't limited to my weight and health. Didn't finish my homework? I'd come up with some ridiculous excuse.

Thinking about it now, I'd never say that I was happy I grew up fat but I am most certainly grateful that I had to pay the price of having an unhealthy lifestyle so early in my life. Struggling with it has taught me that I'm the only one responsible for my actions, reactions and subsequent consequences in the world around me. It's taught me to be introspective, understand my thought patterns and question my feelings about something.

It's taught me the power of commitment and hard work.

It's taught me that every person's struggle is a little different and no one struggles quite the same way.

In losing all that weight, I gained a healthy mindset, which has been instrumental to my long term success at maintenance.

What has your weight loss taught you about your own thought patterns?