Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In and Musings: 6/6/12

Weight: 126.8
Body Fat %: 20.8 + 3 = 23.8%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20"

I feel as though my weight fluctuates like crazy with all the weight lifting and Zumbaing (totally not a word, I know) I've been doing lately. I love the changes in my physique but it can be difficult mentally to be content with weigh-in whose graph looks like a sine wave. Eventually I'll get back to running and things should start to stabilize a little more.

More venue updates!
A week ago, I booked a tour of a venue in southeastern MA. At the time, I hadn't located the sizes of the rooms but I wasn't overly concerned. A few days later, I was poking around the website again and finally stumbled across the capacity for their smallest room. The smallest room held 220 with a dance floor, which started to worry me because I knew this place went by minimums for food and beverage. I e-mailed my contact and asked about the minimums for my dates and the response made my jaw drop. Even with our off-season dates, the minimum for a Saturday evening wedding at the smallest room was $18K. Obviously that's quite far out of my budget and since we're set on having a Saturday evening wedding so I had to cancel my tour and go back to looking into more venues.

I found a country club with decent reviews and a discount for off-season bookings about half an hour from where we live, so I set up a tour. Hopefully it'll be a little more promising than the last few weeks of venue locating. I feel like this has got to be the hardest part of the whole planning process.

Zumba Instructor Training
This past weekend my friend Meaghan and I went to Zumba Basic 1 instructor training. We had a blast and I racked up 20K steps on the Striiv. The first item on the agenda was a Master's class taught by Ann Saldi, our Zumba Education Specialist (ZES). The room was huge and the class was packed. After a couple of songs, Meaghan and I had to move to the back of the room. I definitely had a harder time in the back because there was very little room and I couldn't exactly see Ann so great. Yeah, I should I have put my glasses on.  After that, she took us through a lot of the instructor basics. I definitely have a heartier dose of respect for my Zumba instructor (Hi Elena!) at The Core Connection now. It really is a second job (albeit a fun one) to learn and choreograph songs. It's definitely going to take me a few months to get a full playlist worth of songs for a class.

Deck Garden Updates
And know it's time for the obligatory deck garden plant photos: