Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In and Musings: 6/15/2012

Weight: 125.8
Body Fat %: 20.3 + 3 = 23.3%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"-20"

The deck garden makes it's triumphant return...
 I had a mishap with my seedlings this year, in that I left for vacation to Sedona thinking they'd survive my absence. They didn't, so I had to ask my mom for a couple of her tomato plant seedlings. And then there was another tomato plant disaster. One morning, I opened my curtains to check on my plants and was dismayed to find that the tomato plant on the left had fallen over. The stem hadn't snapped completely so I was still hopeful, and went about caging the broken area in with chopsticks from sushi takeout and tying it up with twine.

Obviously that isn't working. I'm going to have to uproot the plant this weekend and grow something else in the pot. Currently, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to put in there. I think a trip to the local Ace is in order.
 Last year, I did a pretty crappy job of growing cilantro and I let it bolt (essentially, flower and go to seed) before I could get anything edible out of it. Unfortunately, the bolting left me with a rather bitter, unpleasant tasting plant. This year I'm going to make sure I cut those little suckers back before they go to seed.

 Basil. Lots of basil. I'll use some for summer eating but the rest I'll dry with the dehydrator and save in some herb jars. That idea goes for the cilantro as well.
In my last pot, I have some flowers. I have convolvulus around the outside and dalhias in the middle. They're growing extremely well so I hope to actually have convolvulus flowers by the end of the season.

General lack of blogginess
Of late and as you might expect, I've been spending most of my time perusing the internet for wedding inspirations. I started a pinboard on Pinterest specifically for it. I'm also in the process of drafting some wedding related posts to share here. I could start a new blog for it, but I'm far too lazy and since this is a lifestyle blog, I'm just going to share it here.  Stay tuned for the proposal story, that's the first one I'm working on.

What's up for you this weekend? Lemme know with a comment down below! :)