Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Q&A: Maintenance

Image: winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Whew, I'm a little glad to be done taking pictures of everything I eat. Sometimes it was hard to remember I needed to before I dug in and started eating, but all told, it wasn't so bad. I would happily do it again after some time has passed and I've gotten into a different breakfast/morning snack phase. Yesterday I asked if anyone had any questions or comments about the series and I got a little feedback I'd like to share in today's post.

Question 1
Out of curiosity, how important is it that you eat snacks vs. eating those calories during meals? Is it more about avoiding "cheating" and snacking anyway or is there are real reason to spread it out over the day??
Matt (on G+)
It all comes down to personal preference. Recent research shows that there's very little difference between eating three square meals a day and consuming five to six mini-meals with regards to weight loss. If you're the type of person who doesn't become a ravening beast between your three square meals then go for it. Over the course of the last three years, I've come to determine that it's better for me if I eat five to six mini-meals a day. It prevents me from becoming too hungry and snarfling everything in sight. Or eating half a container of chocolate peanut butter...which leads us into our next question.

Question 2
Do you struggle anymore?
Tina at Wooberry this past Saturday
I do, but I don't struggle in the way that I think you mean it Tina. I absolutely have days where I eat half the chocolate peanut butter out of the container and feel awful. However, I don't beat myself up about it. It happened so I just accept it and move on. Usually I'll try to eat less on those days but I no longer just give up if it happens. It's impossible to have a 100% perfect diet every single day of your life, so I don't even try. Learning to accept less than perfect food decision and not let it throw you off is a pretty important step along the path to long-term maintenance.

I really liked it! I was expecting to see about twice the amount of veggies though, haha! I'm very curious to see what my calorie maintenance number is when I hit my goal next year! Also, totes jealous of all the nature valley bars. :)
Rachel via the Run Sqrl, Run! Facebook page
Thanks Rachel! I'm happy to oblige your request for more about my maintenance habits. I do actually like veggies, but I like them pretty much fresh from the garden. There's nothing better than fresh green beans or peppers. But yeah, most of the time my veggie intake is pretty limited. Kale chips are a daily standard though!

Any questions or comments regarding the eating at maintenance series? Let me know down below!