Thursday, June 28, 2012

NROLFW: Stage 1

As you guys know by now, I've been lifting. And when I say lifting, I mean lifting weights that have a good bit of heft to them. I've had The New Rules of Lifting for Women (henceforth known as NROLFW) sitting around on my Kindle since January of last year. I'd purchased it because I kept reading good things about it on the Calorie King forums but I never managed to find the time to work it into my workout schedule.You see, lifting heavy makes me sore and puffy all over. Yeah, I know it's because of the micro tears and the repair of said micro tears but it doesn't play well with running longer distances, so I didn't give the idea much more thought.

Until this year's running injury forced me to rein in my mileage and I needed a good replacement that would tire me out and help me keep my mental state on an even keel.  I decided to bite the bullet (finally) and start the NROLFW program. I decided that I'd do only two workouts a week so that I could still have time to do Zumba and a single low mileage (2-3) run a week. I went to download the workout template from the website only to find that I didn't really like how it was organized. I'm not much of a clean freak, but I do love organizing things. I was probably one of those kids who likes to organize things into piles by colors or shapes, but we'd have to ask my mom. Anyhow, I digress.

I typed up some cleaner and more organized logs for the Stage 1 workouts and stuck them into a three ring binder.
Yup, I use dividers too.

I was familiar with all of the exercises already and wasn't the least bit intimidated by the weight room, despite all the ridiculous myths propagated by women's health and fitness magazines. I started conservatively and added 5lbs a week to most of my exercises, occasionally jumping up 10lbs when I transitioned to a lower rep set. I'm pretty impressed with my stage 1 results:
I only completed the special workouts for Workout A because my butt muscles were aggravated for the second half of that week and I decided it was probably a better idea not to aggravate them further. I clearly underestimated my upper body strength when it comes to the seated row.

I did take progress pictures but I'm not going to post them until the very end of this NROLFW adventure, so now it's onto Stage 2!

Have you done NROLFW before? What'd you think?