Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Week Of Eating At Maintenance: Day Six

Weight: 127
Body Fat %: 22.8%

Each week I have a day that I don't plan or record what I eat. I usually try to go by my hunger levels on that day and so far they seem to work out alright.

There are three thick and very grainy pancakes under some lemon curd there. Coffee on the side as always. I know, it's not oatmeal! Isn't it crazy? Also I'm not sure what's up with my phone and the random grey bars that are appearing in my pictures.

Lunch, sort of

Chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberry boba, dark chocolate coated candied ginger and some hot dark chocolate on top. Mmm, Wooberry.

Afternoon Snack
My teeth hurt a ton after eating this. I should probably scale back on the crunchies or make another appointment to get my left side adjusted. Freakin' fillings.

I ate one of Eric's frozen Amy's meals. It was good but I really thought it needed meat.

Evening Snack
I forgot to take the picture so yesterday's is getting reused.

Total Calories Consumed: Dunno, today's a no tracking day :)