Friday, June 1, 2012

A Week Of Eating At Maintenance: Day Five

Weight: 127.6
Body Fat %: 23.3%
Measurements: 34"-26"-34"

335 calories
Are you guys bored of seeing my oatmeal yet? I bet you are.

Morning Snack
332 calories
And this, I bet you're all bored of this too.

334 calories
Egg salad, kale chips and crackers. And yes, I make my egg salad with mayonnaise, a single serving of it to be exact. I've tried to do the whole substitute Greek yogurt thing but it just doesn't taste the same. My kale chips this week are way too spicy, next week I have to remember to more lightly with the ground red pepper.

Afternoon Snack
335 calories
Spiru-Tein and almond milk shake with a Nature Valley Crunchy Almond bar -- it's a standard snack. About an hour and a half after I had my snack, I went to the gym and lifted. Despite being pretty tired, it went well and I'm happy to take a day off tomorrow.

350 calories
I picked up Chipotle on my way home. I got a salad with barbacoa, mild salsa and guacamole. As much as I love avocados, they put way too much guac on and not enough barbacoa tonight.

Evening snack
285 calories
I felt like chocolate and peanut butter this evening, hence 16g of peanut butter on some Dark Chocolate and oats bars.

Total Calories Consumed: 2039