Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Week Of Eating At Maintenance: Day Two

It's back to work today. I'm both happy and sad about that fact because being at work means I have a set routine to follow and I'm less likely to deviate from the food choices I have. First thing's first though, scale and body fat monitor time!

Weight: 126.8
Body Fat %: 23.8%

It's not unusual for my body fat percentage to swing like that over the course of a week. Chalk it up to varying hydration levels. I don't really give it much thought unless it swings into the 24% range, as that would be unusual for me.

This is going to look awfully familiar.
334 calories
It's essentially the same breakfast as yesterday, except that I only managed to eke 11g of blackstrap molasses out of the jar. I knew I should have bought more when I went shopping this past weekend. Oh well!

Morning Snack
332 calories
Sensing a theme yet? Yes, this exactly the same morning snack I had yesterday with a different yogurt flavor. I have several different morning snack combinations that I like and alternate through during the year. Right now I'm in a yogurt and granola bar phase. Particularly the Nature Valley Oats and Dark Chocolate bar because it satisfies my chocolate craving without providing as much saturated fat.

351 calories
After the inaugural 30 minute Zumba (Hi Lauren!) class at my work, lunch was a welcome site. I almost always pack my lunch and snacks for work and since I can't use my phone camera at work I had to photograph them all separately before I packed them up. Today I had a serving of Hillshire Farms Reduced Sodium Honey Roasted turkey breast on a whole wheat tortilla with half a serving of mayonnaise and a serving of mustard. The sides were a 1.5 oz baggy of unsalted edamame and a serving of my kale chips.

Afternoon Snack
361 calories
Mid-afternoon snack today is an Nature Valley Almond Crunch bar (which makes my teeth hurt when I chew it, it's crunchy) and my Spiru-Tein and almond milk shake.

321 calories
As usual, I got home from work later than I intended to because the traffic in the center of my town is massively backed up due to construction. With only an hour until Zumba, I needed something that wouldn't sit too heavily in my tummy, so I went with my standard Nature Valley Granola bar and peanut butter. Under the 22g of peanut butter are the two dark chocolate and oats bars. Eric will read this and scold me for eating such a measly dinner. Or perhaps he's just accepted it by now. I'm not sure.

Evening Snack
269 calories
I needed a good snack with some protein post-Zumba, so I made my favorite dirty two egg scramble and stuffed it into a whole wheat tortilla. I call it dirty because after you add all of the spices and salsa it looks messy and dirty. Silly name, I know.

Total Calories Consumed: 1968
Total Steps Taken Today: 16,000