Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Week Of Eating At Maintenance: Day Three

I fell asleep last night reading last night, genuinely fell asleep with my Kindle in my hands. Since I was getting to the good part of the book, I decided to lay around in bed after I'd hit the snooze button and finish it off.  It's the third Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan book I've devoured in the course of four days. I guess you could say I really like them.

Weight: 127.0
Body Fat %: 23.1%

343 calories
Oatmeal for breakfast again! It's my old standard, peanut butter and bananas because I'm really, truly out of blackstrap molasses this morning. I got a miniscule 2g out of the container before I gave up on the rest. The slow as molasses saying took on literal meaning this morning for me. Though I always try to find the smallest bananas possible, sometimes I end up with half of my bunch being slightly bigger than the rest, so this morning I ended up with more banana, which works out fine for me due to the lack of molasses.

Morning Snack
332 calories
I really ought to start taking the time at night to organize my lunch for the next day. It'd save me a good 20 minutes every morning and I'd get to work so much sooner. Today's morning snack is the same yogurt and granola bar combo. I always try to bring the mug with me to sip my coffee from, as it results in less coffee on my shirt than sipping from the thermos does.

347 calories
Can you tell I'm a fan of the foil-wrapped sandwiches? Today I had a kid's sized Flatout wrap with some spicy mustard (no mayo today, didn't feel like it) and a serving of honey roasted turkey breast. I wanted to have hummus and a serving of lentil chips with lunch today which is why I went with the kids wrap. I also had a serving of my kale chips to get my daily Vitamin K requirement. A few months ago, I spent some time logging my food on Cronometer and found out an interesting fact about my diet. I rarely ever get enough vitamin K and since kale is an excellent source of it, my daily kale chip consumption was born. If you're interested in learning about your macros and vitamins, check out this link.

Afternoon Snack
361 calories
Cookies and Cream Spiru-tein Shake made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and an almond crunch bar. My teeth hurt less today, so eating the bar was easier. I think I need one of those tiny metal wire balls to make my shake because I end up with big ol' clumpies in it. Today was a lifting day (NROLFW Stage 1, Week 6 of 8, Workout A) followed by 15 minutes of intervals on the treadmill.

417 calories
I was famished by the time I got home and didn't want to wait too long to make food. Two sunny side up eggs on top of some hummus on an English muffin with two slices of bacon on the side fit the bill perfectly. The bacon looks all crumpled up because I think I bought the worst bacon ever. It was a bargain pack from BJ's and it's nearly impossible to pull them apart intact. I also wanted something refreshing after my workout and muggy car ride home, so I snagged an orange out of the fruit drawer.

Evening Snack
231 calories
I felt like having a little treat with some peanut butter after dinner, so I had a serving of Stonyfield's Gotta Have Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with a 22g scoop of peanut butter. Mmmm, good way to end my day!

Total Calories Consumed: 2030
Total Steps Taken: 10,000